Good Health, Great Vibes!

A healthy outside starts from the inside. At House of Kapaali we take our Yoga and healthy eating very seriously! Guests are welcome to join daily yoga classes with us. Nutritious fresh home cooked food is the mantra. If your stay allows we would absolutely love to arrange a visit for you at our organic farm. We are big promoters of the healthy lifestyle Revolution!


Experience Food

Fresh, Local, Organic

Indian cuisine is an assault on all your senses; colourful, spicy, aromatic, textural and complex flavours is what make it so very unique.

We live by the philosophy- ‘If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.’ The food we serve is a very integral part of ‘The House of Kapaali’ experience.

Our approach to food is basic and simple, we try to use as much unrefined and organically grown local produce as possible. We use brown/wild rice instead of refined white rice. Our flatbread or ‘Roti’ is made of whole wheat flour mixed with chickpea flour and sorghum flour. Large parts of our cooking is done with clarified butter or as we call it ‘Desi Ghee’ or olive oil. Refined Sugar is often replaced with jaggery, honey or other forms of raw sugar. A lot of our vegetables come from our organic farm.

While indian meals are prepared and served daily, we are not shy to experiment with our food! Homemade granola is a staple at the breakfast table. A chicken dish prepared with bacon has guests asking for the recipe every single time! Our in-house chefs can rustle up a cooling gazpacho or a raw papaya salad as well as they can gourmet Indian fare.

Experience Yoga

A journey of the self through the self to the self

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Whether you’re a complete beginner, a serious practitioner or somewhere in between you are welcome to join daily yoga classes offered by House of Kapaali. The classes can be arranged at a time that is suitable for you in keeping with your daily work/sightseeing schedule. Yoga classes are led by Mansi or Narinder. Mansi apart from being one of the two proprietors of House of Kapaali is also a qualified Yoga Alliance teacher. Narinder, universally known as ‘Shastriji’ grew up in a Gurukul where yoga was practised everyday. Having been a national level ‘kabaddi’ player he understands the body and its mechanics very well.

Our Organic Food

There is no wifi in the forest but we promise you will find a better connection!

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A visit to House of Kapaali’s organic farm is just that. Close enough that you can get there in a little over twenty minutes but far enough from the maddening city life of the capital! Lounge on the hammocks under the shade of a straw hut, dip in chilled groundwater in a 5×7 pool, take a walk around the farm and pluck your own organic veggies that you can help cook! Baya weavers, Indian rollers, spotted owlets are just some of the birds that will pique your interest as you walk around. The food is cooked on open fire in clay ovens that are set up in a small courtyard. It is prepared by the caretaker’s wife who is universally known as ‘Mummyji!’ The food has a delicious smoky aroma that will keep you coming back for more!

Artistically Created. Managed with Love.