Interview : Mansi Mahajan?s Tryst And Win with Destiny!

Date : 2016-06-21

Madly in love with life, if she’s not on her mat contorting into an Astavarraasana, she’s whipping up her homemade range of skincare, climbing mountains, deep sea diving, or fire fighting for her business venture. In her quest to make Mother Gaia a better place to live, she believes that before you can change the world around you, you must change the world within you.

With a Masters in Media Production from Griffith University, Australia,Mansi came back to India in 2006 not knowing that life had other plans for her. She set up a humble Bed & Breakfast, and so House of Kapaali was born. Today it is a name to reckon with in hospitality services. A gung-ho entrepreneur, Mansi is in a state of constant metamorphosis, creating, innovating, and celebrating.

In 2003, Mansi completed the Goldman Sachs 10000 Women Entrepreneurs program to further her in her entrepreneurial journey. She is also the Noida Chapter Chair for the largest international network of women entrepreneurs, ALL Ladies League.

The moment you come through the doors, the warmth and high energy is all encompassing. Stylistically, House of Kapaali is modern-vintage, picking up the essence of the mid-century modern era.

Now an abode for wellness, House of Kapaali plays host to spiritual workshops and yoga retreats to restore the much-needed sense of balance in our modern way of living and being. Mansi is also a certified Yoga Alliance teacher, having completed her teacher training from Mysore in 2004. She frequently conducts yoga camps at the family’s organic farm in the wilderness. Mansi believes “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” is not just a fluffy ethereal concept but as real and loud as one chooses to live!
This Women’s Day, let her story inspire you!

1. Talk about roaring success, and some women do beat all the odds. In a society like ours, with its skewed stereotypes, how did you manage to set out on your journey? What were the roadblocks?

Like they say the best things come in life unannounced. With a Masters degree in media production, I was set to carve out my niche in documentary films, but life had it planned a little differently. The road less travelled was already ahead of me, only the journey had to begin and how.
With the undying entrepreneurial spirit, the support of my family, and not much more, I was on my way to create what would be a thriving business in the future. Roadblocks are a part of the journey, because they are the ones that help you appreciate ‘cruise control’, therefore they are never a deterrent for me.

2. How far do you feel marriage is the end of a professional woman’s career?


It shouldn’t have to, given of course you choose wisely. One enters a partnership of marriage to uplift your own and your partner’s life. Doing away with your career is not an option in my books, learning, expanding, celebrating definitely is. Certain compromises have to be made but that is at both ends in order to find the happy median.
That is why someone said, 1 plus 1 makes 10.

3. Tell us something about your brand – House Of Kapaali

House of Kapaali is a boutique bed and breakfast and a chain of serviced apartments where we pride ourselves on creating the perfect lodging experience. A highly personalized service ethic, all the modern conveniences of a large impersonal luxury hotel, as well as a warm ‘family ambiance-you’ll find all this an more at the House of Kapaali.
The House Of Kapaali experience is steeped in Indian cultural traditions and upholds the proud tenants of the famed Punjabi hospitality. In keeping with the ‘inn keepers’ spirit, you are free to come and go, as you please. With our warm and efficient staff, we hope to serve you in ways far exceeding your expectations.
Allow us to make your stay a pleasurable, memorable experience so that the next time you visit Delhi, your accommodation plans would have already been decided.

4. Apart from a driven & assertive woman, what is the Real Mansi like?

She’s a yogi at heart who can walk in solitude for hours surrounded by Mother Gaia as much as she loves to let her hair down, dancing the night away. She can be as reckless as contained, as spontaneous as she is I indecisive, as yin as she is yang, yet always full of fervor, madly in love with life and in constant pets you of living with abandon.

5. Where did the inspiration for Manaste come from?

When one practices a holistic lifestyle, including the way you eat, it is imperative to think about what you apply on your skin, since that is your biggest organ. In my journey of wellness, I realized if I wouldn’t eat chemicals, parabens and stabilizers, so I definitely wouldn’t apply them on my skin. So began my quest for green skincare. I went looking and didn’t find anything that was deeply nourishing without and without all the ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, and so Manaste was born.

6. What made you switch to Yoga?

Yoga has been an intrinsic part of my life since childhood. As I began to attain a deeper understanding of the science behind it, I inculcated more aspects of it to my life.
Yoga I believe is a system if practiced consciously, can create a quiet revolution that is capable of transforming your life from inside out. And I say this conviction was attained from my own practice over the years.

7. Your message to all the budding women entrepreneurs!

Firstly, I believe that women are going to spearhead the movement of change that the world needs right now, so never doubt that you’re not good enough.
Set your short, medium and long term goals and forge ahead with a single minded focus. Dissolve into your task. Breathe it, become it.

Interview : Mansi Mahajan?s Tryst And Win with Destiny!